Keep Your Torque Wrenches Accurate with HK Calibration Technologies

It is natural for torque wrenches to go out of calibration with time and regular use. Whatever type of torque wrench you’re using, regular calibration will ensure that your tools are as accurate and effective as possible.

Putting in place a regular schedule for verifying and calibrating your torque wrench will mean less room for error. At HK Calibration Technologies Pty. Ltd., we recommend having your tools calibrated every 12 months. We can provide both on-site and in-house services to ensure your tools are always performing at optimal levels.

Being able to verify a tool’s accuracy is the first step in our calibration services at HKCT. If the torque is out, then our expert technicians will calibrate or adjust it to the highest standards.

Using laboratory grade instruments, HKCT can accurately test, calibrate and repair your tools with a 48-hour turnaround so you can get back to work quickly.

HKCT adheres to Australian standards and we guarantee nothing but the best of outcomes when we calibrate your working tools.

Failing to have your tools properly calibrated can result in the failure of a joined connection. For further information about our cost effective services or to schedule the calibration of your tools, phone 0385394797 or enquire online

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