Temperature measuring strips

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Reliable Temperature Measuring Strips

Testo provides top-quality Temperature Measuring Strips that determine the object's surface temperature within the prescribed range or as the maximum or minimum value. Users can stick these self-adhesive strips on the object. If the body temperature is beyond the limit, then an irreversible colour change occurs. These colour changes are reliable, and the user can take action, depending on eth results of the strips.

The information that these simple to use strips provide are:

  • High measuring accuracy, with a range of plus or minus 1oC
  • Temperature range from 37o C to 280o C
  • Three formats of strips for small to very small, fast-moving objects
  • Maximum efficiency and impressive precision
  • Good value for money

Testo is one of the most popular brands of measuring instruments. Their experience in the field allows them to provide the best in the industry at an economical price.