Light & Sound

Accurate Measurements With Hi-Tech Light & Sound Tools

Testo is the leading producer of hi-tech measurement tools for measuring the intensity of light and sound levels. The light measurement tools are vast, for industrial use (heavy-duty) to residential applications (light-weight tools). The tools include the latest technology, which guarantees accuracy and convenience. 

Importance of Light measurement tools

Correct lighting conditions, in general, play a crucial role in industrial application. Most commercial setups would make proper light arrangements so that the staff and the customers have a good experience. These tools prove to be handy to measure the light intensity at such locations and other industrial structures. They are ideal for measuring natural and artificial light. 

Sound measurement tool: everything one needs to know

Testo uses science-of-art technology in manufacturing measuring tools. The features of the proper measuring tools are:

  • Precise sound level measurements according to the basic standards
  • Ideal for health and safety inspections 
  • Integrated memory to storing thousands of measuring data
  • Latest app for the convenience of users