User-Friendly Refrigeration Measurement Solutions

Testo provides a user-friendly refrigeration measuring technology for almost every job. The company uses the latest technology to provide accurate, high precision results without leaving convenience behind. The brand uses smart probes and digital manifolds. 

The smart probes are perfect for quick testing and complete diagnostic monitoring, with the help of a Smartphone connected with Bluetooth technology. At the same time, the manifolds help in simplifying refrigeration or air conditioning services. 

How Helpful Are These Instruments in Refrigeration Technology?

Pressure, temperature, superheating or subcooling of systems should be checked regularly to keep the system in the best condition. The system offers maximum precision that is superior to the previous analog versions. The recordings are done at lightning speed, detection of most minor leaks and reliable results. These instruments are helpful for

  • Testing
  • Adjusting 
  • Evacuating
  • Finding leaks
  • Measuring temperature and humidity