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The multimeter does not just support you in terms of current testing

When you buy a multimeter, you get a high-performance, multifunction measuring instrument. This is suitable for use as a voltage and current measuring instrument. As a rule, it can be switched from direct to alternating current parameter measurement, and you can also use it as a resistance measuring instrument. Additional functions are often also possible when it comes to multimeter operation. The measurement parameters are automatically detected and selected via the assignment of the sockets. The function keys are easy to operate and the readings are clearly presented on the display.

Whether you use the multimeter to measure voltage or other measuring values, this instrument is essential in the electronics sector due to its wide range of applications. It is used both in professional electrical engineering and by do-it-yourselfers.

The advantages of the digital multimeters testo 760

  • Automatic detection and selection of measurement parameters via socket assignment
  • Easy operation via function keys and large illuminated display
  • With true root mean square measurement TRMS