Gas Detector Calibration

Gas monitors are an important part of safety systems designed to raise an alarm when the amount of a certain gas surpasses an acceptable limit. The accurate and consistent monitoring of gas levels is important for the safety of both personnel and the general public. The health effects of possible exposure to excessive levels of toxic gases in particular environments makes the fitting and continuing calibration of these devices necessary. HK Calibration Technologies can protect the health and wellbeing of personnel, public and the workspace itself by offering precise calibration of personal gas detectors and more to ensure optimal safety.

A properly calibrated gas detector will be able to provide accurate readings of traces of various gases in the air, helpful in situations such as gas leaks where immediate evacuation or medical aid might be required. If a gas detector has not been properly calibrated and records gas traces as being lower than they are, the outcomes can be catastrophic.

Precision Calibration for Different Types of Detection Tools

HKCT can assist clients with all of their calibration and gas monitoring instrument requirements. Come to us when you need professional calibration of:

  • Pcwi Compact Dc Porosity Detectors
  • Pcwi Compact Pulse Detectors
  • Car Park Gas Detectors
  • Multi Gas Detectors
  • Personal Gas Detectors
  • Porosity (Holiday) Detectors
  • O2 depletion detectors
  • Portable four and two gas monitors
  • Central control systems
  • Enclosed space monitors
  • CO2 detection
  • Gas alert clips
  • Fixed gas detection instruments
  • Alcohol breath-testing equipment
  • Refrigerant plant gas monitoring
  • Ammonia plant leakage monitors

Monitoring toxic gas levels in a underground mining environment or measuring the exhaust fumes in an enclosed car park are but two examples of how gas monitoring systems help ensure air quality.

Along with professional calibration of personal gas detectors and the above equipment, we also supply monitoring instruments and provide maintenance programs for their upkeep. HKCT can additionally assist with the calibration of oxygen depletion monitors which need to be calibrated on an organised basis.

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HKCT is fully accredited and our gas calibration service adheres to strict regulatory requirements.

Whether you need calibration of a Pcwi compact DC Porosity Detector or other equipment such as air flow and sound level meters, our expert services can be performed on-site or at our workshops in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Hobart and Gladstone.

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