Absolute pressure meters

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Premium Absolute Pressure Meters for Different Environment

Absolute Pressure Meters are conventional instruments used to measure pressure in a sealed system, such as a vacuum pump or evacuating refrigeration systems or heat pumps. 

Different variations of Absolute pressure meters are:

  • Absolute pressure meter with fixed probes: Robust, high precision measuring instruments for measuring absolute pressure, suitable for biometric altitude measurement. 
  • Absolute pressure meter with Connectable probes: This one measuring instrument measures several parameters. The latest technology helps measure the smallest pressures with high precision. 

Advantages of Using Testo

Testo uses the latest technologies to build these instruments. The benefits of using 

Testo’s instruments are:

  • Compact and durable design for protecting vacuum
  • Easy to use even in difficult-to-access or aggressive environments
  • Wide range of possible applications

To enjoy these benefits, one needs to own Testo instruments.