Power Quality Loggers

Power Quality Loggers

All instruments purchased will be accompanied with 50% discount for the current calibration certificate traceable to Australian - National Measurement Laboratories(NMI) regardless of quantity purchased


  • Certified to IEC61000-4-30, Class A
  • Compact design to meet applications for the modern marketplace and where space and accessibility are restrictive.
  • AC and DC voltage and current measurements.
  • Isolated voltage inputs (each channel has its own neutral) facilitate various wiring configurations.
  • Two temperature channels.
  • Expansion port allows for system expansion to include additional sensors, input/output controls and custom interfaces which broaden the PQ system platform. Example interfaces include DGA, Hydrogen and Bushing monitors.
  • All weather conditions: rugged, shock resistant, portable and weatherproof (IP66).
  • Operate up to 3000 AMPS.


  • All PowerMonic PM35 and PM45 accessories can be used with the PQ35 and PQ45 models respectively.
  • No external power required for DC current clamps.
  • Two temperature probes as part of the standard kit.

The MIRO – Class A range of portable power quality (PQ) recorders are precision instruments that offer comprehensive and reliable compliance monitoring of low voltage circuits. Built for high performance, toughness and focus on ease of use, the MIRO range are the workhorse instruments of choice for a variety of power monitoring applications including power quality analysis, supply compliance checks and voltage investigations, power flow studies, energy audits, photovoltaic – solar, railway systems, and transformer monitoring.


  • Voltage transients: Minimum CAT IV 600V
  • > 10kV isolation to ground
  • > 10kV isolation between voltage channels
  • Detachable voltage and current leads
  • Voltage leads independently certified to CAT IV 600V
  • Reinforced insulation / double insulated
  • Add your content.All local (WiFi) and remote communications options (2G/3G/4G) are integrated within the enclosure – no additional peripherals required other than an external antenna.
  • GPS included as standard, only require an external GPS antenna.
  • Graphical colour display
  • Voltage and current waveforms.
  • Phasor diagrams.
  • Measurements.
  • User defined screen.
  • Powered from Phase A or an external DC.
  • Internal backup battery: 5 minute back up time as standard, with option to extend upon request.
  • Gapless logging: No interruption to logging while configuring or downloading of data.
  • Starts logging on power up.
  • Concurrent logging at multiple log intervals: 10/12 cycles, 150/180 cycles, 10s, 10m, 2h, and user settable.
  • Mains signalling included as standard.
  • Logged memory: 8GB.

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