Looking for a service provider to assist with high-precision calibration of pressure gauge equipment? HK Calibration Technologies Pty Ltd (HKCT) provides exceptional pressure gauge calibration services to clients Australia-wide.

Within a 48 hour turnaround, our expert technicians are able to calibrate:

  • Pressure gauges, indicators, safety relief valves and switches
  • Pressure transducers, controllers and transmitters
  • Pressure safety valves, transducers and pressure vessels integrity checks
  • Barometric pressure gauges and vacuum gauges

Be it for industrial, general purpose or non-standard pressure gauges, HKCT has the certified calibration laboratories and experienced technicians to ensure that we can provide calibration of surface profile gauges of almost any kind.

The Pressure Gauge Professionals

The importance of a properly calibrated pressure gauge cannot be understated. Not only does it give you the most accurate reading possible, but a properly calibrated pressure gauge can also reduce the risk of hazardous incidents, as it will identify pressure readings that are too high or too low. HKCT can help you maintain a safe workplace by providing:

  • Calibration of Diaphragm Sealed Pressure Gauges
  • Calibration of Electric Contact Gauges
  • Calibration of Magnehelic Differential Pressure Gauges
  • Calibration of Surface Profile Gauges
  • Calibration of Pcwi Digital Surface Profile Gauges
  • Calibration of Pcwi Dial Gauge for Testex Tape
  • Calibration of Defelsko Positector SPG Series Surface Profile Gauges
  • Calibration of Dakota Vx Ultrasonic Velocity Gauge
  • Calibration of Center 307 Digital Thermometer Temperature Gauge

HKCT also sells a large array of German made WIKA pressure gauges which are known for their exceptional calibration integrity. WIKA products are the prime choice for the monitoring of large capital equipment investments. Each pressure gauge can be delivered with a calibration certificate (Australian National Standards) within 24 hours of the order being made.

Calibration Specialists

More than just specialists in the calibration of pressure gauges, HKCT repairs and calibrates all types of test and measurement instrumentation such as fluke digital multimeters and sound level meters.

HKCT provides on-site and in-house calibration services for a broad cross section of clients such as those involved in the bio-medical, mining, petro-chemical and food manufacturing industries.

No matter if you need calibration of a gas monitor or a flow meter, our highly qualified technicians are able to provide a 48 hour turnaround. With their observance to accreditations, HKCT’s clients have full compliance to their particular industry’s standards.

HKCT has seven offices and laboratories Australia-wide where the same high level of service is guaranteed.

To learn more about how HKCT can help you with calibration of surface profile gauges and other essential measurement tools, call 1300309881 or enquire online.

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