All instruments purchased will be accompanied with 50% discount for the current calibration certificate traceable to Australian - National Measurement Laboratories(NMI) regardless of quantity purchased

Find the perfect dial indicator among the extensive selection we have for sale at HK Calibration Technologies. Commonly used to magnify small distances or angles where accurate readings are crucial, for example in the fields of science, technology and manufacturing, the dial indicator (also known as a precision dial gauge) is a valuable and important tool to own.

Common uses for a dial indicator gauge can range from measuring the deflection of a light beam under strict laboratory conditions and assessing the accuracy of lathe equipment in a workshop, to gauging the depth of drilled holes in a piece of metal or wood.

HK Calibration Technologies stocks an extensive selection, so whether you’re looking for a digital dial indicator, a waterproof model, or even spare parts, you’re sure to find it here. Call us now on 1300 309 881 to learn more or place an order.