Medical Imaging Services

Gamma calibration for radiation monitoring equipment. We calibrate radiation survey meters, personal electronic dosimeters, on site Radiation scanner (Scrap Metal Radiation Scanner).

X-ray Calibrations

We can calibrate X-ray monitors. We provide calibrations suitable for diagnostic dosemeters, kVp meters, and X-ray therapy dosemeters with low and medium energy X-ray beams.


General Diagnostic X-Ray

Dental X-Ray including Cone Beam CT

CT Scanner

Veterinary X-Ray

Fluoroscopic X-Ray

Mobile X-Ray

Radiation Monitor Repairs (Optional)

We routinely service and maintain radiation monitoring equipment. From radiation survey meters, personal electronic dosimeters, SCRAP Metal radiation scanner. Our team of highly experienced and licenced electronics and computer systems engineers, combined with our advanced electronic test and diagnostics laboratories can perform repairs and maintenance on your electronic radiation monitoring equipment Australia wide.

Brands We Work With