Digital Test Equipment

All instruments purchased will be accompanied with 50% discount for the current calibration certificate traceable to Australian - National Measurement Laboratories(NMI) regardless of quantity purchased

Electrical Test Equipment

At HK Calibration Technologies, we offer a selection of high-quality digital testing equipment that’s capable of accurately metering various conditions and elements, including wind speed, humidity, light, sound, electricity, and kinetic force.

Our Range of Test Equipment

Whether you want an anemometer to measure wind speed, a humidity meter to measure air moisture, a light meter to measure light levels, a sound meter to quantify different kinds of noise, an electronic test meter to measure voltage, or force gauges to monitor forces during push or pull tests, we can provide you with the electrical testing equipment you need.

For more information about our range of digital test equipment, contact the friendly team at HK Calibration technologies today on 1300 309 881.