Scales, Balances and Load Cells

Graziers keeping track on their livestock’s weight gain and delivery men weighing parcels to determine shipping costs are but two examples of how scales are commercially used.

In many industries scales are also utilised to measure raw materials that are used to create compound products, making it obviously important why scales need to maintain their accuracy. The consequences of incorrectly calibrated scales could mean the final product does not meet required specifications. Costly product recalls may follow and the company’s reputation could be damaged beyond repair.


For any industrial or commercial application, the accurate calibration of scales is vital. Moreover, in many industries there are regulatory requirements on the calibration of scales. This is where HK Calibration Technologies Pty Ltd (HKCT) can be of assistance by organising a calibration schedule to guarantee compliance.


Our technicians can calibrate a diverse range of scale types including:

  • Balances
  • Scales
  • Load cells

HKCT’s certified (SAI Global Certification QEC25094) calibration laboratory has all the necessary equipment to fulfil your calibration requests. Our certified service has a 48 hour turnaround and our technicians can also conduct on-site calibrations to further help reduce a client’s downtime.


When calibrating a scale or weighing device it’s vital that testing is done with certified weights or masses to ensure the accuracy of the device’s entire weight range Our technicians can certify your trade scales and balances as mandated by the National Measurement Institute in the classes of two, three and four to the requisite uncertainty of measurement of +/-0.006g for a 2kg reference standard.


At our seven modern laboratories our calibration services include:

  • Scales and balances
  • Force gauges to 45 ton
  • Hilti tester 4 - tension testing device to 16Nm.
  • Load cells to 70ton both in tension and compression
  • Load cells to 70ton both in tension and compression
  • Test masses to 1500 kg
  • Torque wrenches to 5000 Nm
  • Torque multiplyers to 25,000 Nm
  • Torque screw drivers as low as 0.1 Nm

Be it for flow meter or pressure gauge calibration, HKCT provides extensive and certified services at our state of the art facilities or at your site. For more information phone 0385394797 or enquire online.

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