Refrigeration Manifolds

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All instruments purchased will be accompanied with 50% discount for the current calibration certificate traceable to Australian - National Measurement Laboratories(NMI) regardless of quantity purchased

Refrigeration Manifolds for Use in HVAC & Other Modern Gadgets

Testo is a manufacturing brand that uses the latest technology to provide its customers with the best in the industry. Refrigeration Manifolds is the digital version of the instrument for the industry to measure, record, regulate, analyse, serve and commission air condition system, refrigeration plants and heat pumps. 

Testo’s smart equipment range makes the traditional devices outdated and allows the users to move all the measurement data into the Smartphone or tablet through Bluetooth technology. These affordable instruments are better than all the previous versions, and switching to them would be the best investment.

How The Latest Designs Are Better Than Their Previous Versions?

Experts believe that the latest versions of manifolds have better performance capabilities for the pressure range and battery life. The metal frame around the display makes the instrument more robust.

Picking up these digital manifolds would help embrace modern technology and provide accurate and reliable results, to withstand the cut-throat completion in the market.